#105 | War, Art, & The Hardships That Shape Our Lives w/ Milica Popovic

In this episode, Cynthia Jones and I speak with Milica Popovic, Associate Professor of Art at the College of Southern Idaho. Milica discusses her personal experiences with the social and economic disintegration in her home country of Serbia, during the fracturing of the Republic of Yugoslavia in the 1990's. Milica describes how her and her husband left their home country and made their way to the United States, where Milica eventually settled in Twin Falls, Idaho, and took up a position at the College of Southern Idaho, where this interview was conducted. In this episode, Milica also discusses the impact trauma has had on her art, and how producing art has helped her work with the traumatic memories she carries with her to this day. 

I would like to thank Milica for being open and sharing her experiences for the episode. I understand it is a difficult thing to discuss these things with others, particularly when it's being recorded and put online for the world to hear. So, I'm very grateful for those that have been willing to talk with Cynthia and I for this project. 

This is the second episode in a series of interviews and conversations with individuals who, whether they officially or not fall under the category, are refugees. These episode are done in collaboration with Cynthia Jones, Artistic Director of the Inspirata Dance Project, for an upcoming production that will feature segments of these recordings.

Episode Notes:

- The title card of this episode features the artwork of Milica Popovic.

- The song featured in this episode is "Sea of Love" by Cat Power from the album The Covers Record.