#77 | Freshocal: Connecting Local Food Production & Community w/ Spencer Mallett

The guest for this episode is Spencer Mallett. Spencer is co-founder and co-owner, along with Prof. Kory Lloyd, of Freshocal. 

Freshocal is a service that conveniently and effectively connects local, small-scale organic food producers with the average person living in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho. Through the Freshocal website, you can order healthy, nourishing, fresh food that is delivered directly to your home, or picked up at a local pickup site. Freshocal is establishing a distribution network between the local community and local food producers.

In this conversation, Spencer elaborates on how he and Kory came up with the idea of connecting local food production to the local community in a more direct way. What Spencer and Kory aim to do is re-establish connection between community and local food production, which have been obscured in large part due to the rise and prominence of large-scale agricultural food production in place of local food production. 

Why care about local farmers and dairies? Why care about reestablishing relationships with food and community? We go over these questions and much more in this conversation.

If you live in the Magic Valley of Idaho, start an account at freshocal.com and have access to some of the best food you can get in the region. Spencer and Kory have built something worthy of your support. 

Episode notes:

- Start an account on freshocal.com to get direct access to some of the best food in the region. You can find all the information you need about the company and how to get in contact with Spencer and Kory there.

- Read Spencer and Kory's interview in Magic Valley Times News: https://goo.gl/tAKswj

- Follow Freshocal on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/freshocal/

- The featured tracks in this episode include "Pretty Polly" and "Eat, Clean, Pay The Rent" by Teebs from the album Collections 01.

*Update: Spencer has moved on to Neighborhood Nourishment. Learn more at the website: https://www.neighborhoodnourishment.com/

#66 | Ecology, Homesteading, and Penetrating Ignorance

This episode features a conversation with Atom Kendrick, longtime friend and lover and cultivator of plant life. After earning an Associates in Horticulture, he moved into studying Botany and Chemistry at Boise State University. We discuss scientific literacy, the mass extinction of life on our planet, local food production vs mass food production, and the stories that penetrate through the numbness and ignorance of our time.

Episode Notes:

Features "New Work" by JJ and "Intergalactic" by Mono/Poly