#113 | America Faded: Syria, Russia, & The Decline Of The American Empire w/ Dmitry Orlov

In this episode, I speak with Dmitry Orlov. This interview was recorded Sunday April 15, less than two days after the events discussed in this episode. The reason for the release of this episode outside of my normal release schedule, and on such short notice, is because of the nature of what is discussed in this interview with Dmitry.

Dmitry and I discuss the recent missile strikes by the US military in Syria, the Trump Administration, as well as the broader US military establishment's true intentions and objectives behind the strike, as well as what other major world powers (Russia in particular) are doing in response to this attack. 

Dmitry presents this whole event within a broader geopolitical trend: the American Empire is fading. America's influence in the Middle East, in particular, has begun to dissipate, with Russia and other regional players aligning themselves outside of American control and influence. These nations have begun to nudge the United States out of its once dominant role on the international stage, and the response to this missile strike in Syria fits neatly within this trend.

I was personally worried that this event in Syria would spark an escalation that could potentially lead to a deadly exchange of nuclear weapons between world powers. While that is still on the table, Dmitry puts much of the details of this strike within the context of broader geopolitical trends. Things are not as they appear, my friends.

Dmitry is a Russian-American engineer and writer, who regular writes on subjects related to social and economic collapse, geopolitics, peak oil, Empire, and how to adapt in a time of converging crises manifesting on multiple fronts. Dmitry is the author of many books, including "The Five Stages of Collapse," "Shrinking The Technosphere," and "Everything is Going According to Plan." 

Episode Notes:

- Please go and read Dmitry's bi-weekly updates on geopolitics, empire, and collapse, as well as purchase one of his several books he has written on these subjects, here: http://cluborlov.blogspot.com

- Get full access to Dmitry's essays though his Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/orlov

- Purchase Dmitry's most recent book "Everything is Going According to Plan" here: http://a.co/hRfIL7k

- This episode features the audio from the video "Trump Hails Syria Strikes: Every One Hit Target" published by Associated Press. Video description: 'President Donald Trump praised his new national security adviser John Bolton for last Friday's air strikes in Syria. Speaking at an event on tax cuts in Florida, Trump called the strikes "genius," saying not one U.S. missile was shot down. (April 16)' Source: https://youtu.be/8W9jS3-gt7w

- The song featured in this episode is "Axolotl" by The Veils from the album Total Depravity.