#57 | Brandon Scott Tesch: Drag Shows & The Bold Art Of Giving A Shit

In this episode, I talk with Brandon Scott Tesch.

Brandon is known for a few things (such as being a fantastic hairdresser), but has more recently been making a name for himself as Ursula, his Drag Queen persona, in local theater productions that have only become more successful as the months and years have gone by. We discuss the challenges of growing up and coming out in this area, embracing his Drag persona, and the expanding popularity of the productions he is apart of.

We both are very excited to see what is happening in this community, and look forward to seeing what vibrant individuals here have to offer in the coming years. Things are changing, and we are ready.

Episode Notes:

Intro: "Lion's Den (Instrumental)"by Paul White
Outro: "Sweatshop" (Vinticious Version) by De Staat