#109 | Designing Regenerative Cultures: An Incomplete Conversation w/ Daniel Christian Wahl

This is a segment of my incompletely recorded conversation with Daniel Christian Wahl. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues with the recording of this episode, a significant chunk of our conversation was lost and unsalvageable. Daniel asked that I release what was recorded, and here is the finished result. I thank Daniel for sharing his insights with me, and I appreciate his kindness.

Daniel Christian Wahl is an educator, speaker, strategic advisor, and the author of ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’. Originally trained as a biologist and zoologist at the University of Edinburgh and the University of California, Santa Cruz, Daniel also holds an MSc in Holistic Science (Schumacher College, 2002) and a PhD in Natural Design (University of Dundee, 2006).*

*Source: https://goo.gl/V76ckw; https://goo.gl/RkjMUk

Episode Notes:

- Learn more about sustainable and regenerative cultures from Daniel's book 'Designing Regenerative Cultures' at his Medium page: https://goo.gl/V76ckw

- Pick up Daniel's book "Designing Regenerative Cultures": http://a.co/0O2142M

- Follow updates from Daniel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrDCWahl