Zak Witus: The Madman Theory, Israel, Syria, & The Greater Middle East

“Over the past six years, Israel has launched at least 100 attacks against convoys in Syria that were allegedly carrying weapons (perhaps advanced missiles) to Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias. In February, the Guardian reported that Israel had been conducting near weekly strikes in Syria for the past 18 months, and there’s little reason to think that the rate of attacks has since ebbed. These attacks, which escalated under Trump, target Syrian government forces, Hezbollah and, as of late, Iran.”

What are the aims of the Israeli government in attacking Syria? How does U.S. President Nixon’s infamous “Madman Theory” describe the kind of behavior coming from the state of Israel? Zak Witus, freelance journalist and activist, goes over the details in this segment.

Read up on the subjects discussed in this segment in Zak’s recent article published in Truthout ‘Israel Continues Aggression Against Syria While Playing the Victim’ here:

This is a segment of episode #123 of Last Born In The Wilderness “A Bull In A China Cabinet: Israel, Gaza, and The Madman Theory w/ Zak Witus.” Listen to the full episode here: