John Mark Dougan: Seth Rich, WikiLeaks, & The Connection

This is a segment of my interview with John Mark Dougan, whistleblower and founder the whistleblower website PBSOtalk.

In this excerpt, John claims that prior to fleeing the United States to escape prosecution under the Espionage Act (learn more about John’s story in episode #94 of this podcast), he had met with Seth Rich, an employee of the DNC and the alleged source of the 2016 DNC email leaks released by WikiLeaks that same year. John claims that during that meeting with “the man in DC,” he received a flash drive containing internal email exchanges within the DNC. John then goes over the details of how these emails eventually made their way to WikiLeaks, and how this event fits within the larger story of John’s life up to this point.

John Mark Dougan is a former police officer, whistleblower, and founder of PBSOtalk, an online forum dedicated to exposing police corruption within the Palm Beach County Police Department. John’s very interesting and peculiar story was covered in episode #94 of this podcast. Listen here:

Listen to a segment of episode #94 here:

This is a segment of episode #124 of Last Born In The Wilderness “The Man In DC: Seth Rich, The DNC, & WikiLeaks w/ John Mark Dougan.” Listen to the full episode here: