Max Dashu: Women, Shamanism, & The Transition To Modernity

Max Dashu and I discuss what has been lost in the transition to modernity. From the denial of enriching forms of connection and ritual in our modern culture, to the suppression of the sacred and fully-embodied roles of women (and men) that had existed in many pre-modern egalitarian societies -- the path to the present moment has generated addiction, trauma, and pain in the human populations that stand in the wake of these long historical trends. What can be reclaimed? First, we must know what has been lost.

Max Dashu is the founder of the Suppressed Histories Archive, a project she founded in 1970 to research and document women's history from an international perspective. Max is the author of ‘Witches and Pagans: Women In European Folk Religion, 700 - 1100,’ one volume in an ongoing series to uncover and document the forgotten roles of women in ancient human cultures from around the world. (

This is a segment of episode #114 of Last Born In The Wilderness "Suppressed Histories: Uncovering & Reclaiming What Has Been Lost w/ Max Dashu." Listen to full episode: