Israel Bravo: Innovation In Bee Colony Storage

In this segment, I speak with Israel Bravo, innovator in the world of beekeeping and bee colony storage. Israel examines and provides solutions to a common problem many beekeepers experience through out the year: beekeepers lose significant portions of their bee colony populations over the winter months (in many cases, up to 40% of the bee colony populations). It's common practice, at least in this part of the United States, to store bees through the winter season in vacant potato cellars, and for reasons discussed in this episode, provide less than ideal conditions for bee colony storage. Israel goes over the very practical methods and tools that can be adopted and used by beekeepers to prevent such significant losses of bee populations during their time in storage.

Israel, through his passion and innovation, is responsible for the production of the largest (and best) bee colony storage facilities in the world. Learn more here:

This is a segment of episode #117 of Last Born In The Wilderness "Bees Over Everything: Innovative Beekeeping w/ Israel Bravo." Listen to the full episode: