Bayo Akomolafe: Reframing Despair In A Time Of Calamity

In this segment of my conversation with Bayo Akomolafe, Bayo responds to my articulation of despair, of my "not knowing what to do" regarding all the various calamitous events and overwhelming crises occurring at this time we all share. It is during this time of Great Unknowing, of "not knowing what to do," that we can recognize what has been excluded in our worldview, and begin to develop the openness to move beyond our hollowed-out assumptions of "how things work" and recognize how entangled everything really is, to recognize the inherent complexity of all things, and that our absolute confusion and despair at what's occurring on our shared planet is an entirely necessary step in beginning to heal from the wounds wrought by our onward march toward "progress."

This an excerpt of episode #89 of Last Born In The Wilderness "Unraveling Whiteness; Reckoning With Ghosts w/ Bayo Akomolafe." Listen to the full episode: