White Nationalism, Liberal Democracy, And The Historical Myths of Whiteness w/ Rhyd Wildermuth

I asked Rhyd why there seems to be a strain of Paganism running through the ideologies of white supremacy groups, made apparent in recent rallies (i.e. "Unite The Right").

Rhyd deconstructs the false perception of the pre-enlightenment history of Europe, which is shared not only among white supremacists, but also among Liberal Democracy's original proponents and defenders. White supremacy advocates are projecting contemporary ideas of "whiteness" onto Europe's past, taking it to its logical extreme.

This is an excerpt of episode #75 of Last Born In The Wilderness "Rhyd Wildermuth: Leaving America, Reclaiming Paganism, & Facing Collapse."

Listen to full episode: https://goo.gl/QmQidV