The Crisis Of Capitalism & Collapse Of Empire w/ Rhyd Wildermuth

The rise of white supremacy in the US is, like other phenomena, a response to what can be called "the crisis of capitalism." As Rhyd points out, the collapse of the Empire is already underway, and the rise of white fascism in the US and Europe, the Brexit vote in the UK, and the rise of the Islamic State, are all responses to the collapse currently underway.

Rhyd calls on all American anti-fascists and anti-capitalists to realize and accept the reality of the collapse currently underway, and that to resist the rise of fascism is also to recognize that viable alternatives to our current system must exist in order to counter this troubling trend.

This is an excerpt of episode #75 of Last Born In The Wilderness "Rhyd Wildermuth: Leaving America, Reclaiming Paganism, & Facing Collapse."

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