Like A Splinter In Your Mind w/ Guy McPherson

This is an excerpt of my conversation w/ Guy McPherson (Episode #68). What do we do with the information we have been given regarding abrupt climate change?

"Once you see the matrix, you can't unsee it, but that doesn't mean anyone else is going to see it. So how do you deal with that? How do you deal with the fact that you know what's coming? You know about human behavior. You've been witnessing it your whole life.

You know that there's this thing we call the matrix, but nobody else seems to be able to see it. That's tough. So you know I try and act with compassion to people. And I'm returned almost always with people who don't act that way to me. So then I act like an asshole to those people and you know where that goes.

And so you know that I promote the idea of living with compassion and living with love and pursuing excellence no matter how that turns out. As it turns out, it doesn't turn out all that well, and so I spend my most of my time pointing out that I'm not really as stupid as you read on the internet.

It's hard. It's hard for me to adopt my message. I can't even imagine people who don't have a background in conservation biology being able to adopt my message. You know this is hard enough for me and I'm trying to live it and have been for fifteen years. And other people are new to this message and they can't quite believe it.

It's like the David Wallace-Wells response that I received by email Monday when his piece came out. You know -- skeptical, he doesn't believe it. He thinks bad things are going to happen over the course of the next century cause, you know, he's familiar with the IPCC's projections but he can't quite wrap his brain around the evidence pointing to our demise. And so he's not going to. And I can't make him.

I tried to make him by talking to him for a long time. I tried for so long screaming from the tops of these buildings. I tried for so long wearing that little sign board that said, "The End is Being Ignored". And I don't recommend you go screaming from the rooftops. It didn't work for me. I doubt it's going to work for you.

And it'll make people question your sanity, oddly enough."

- Guy McPherson

[Transcribed by Gordon Meacham]

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