This two-part live podcast features interviews with awarding-winning environmental journalist Dahr Jamail and gonzo journalist, conjurer, and political theorist Dr. Bones. This event was live-streamed and recorded in front of a live audience on October 28th, 2018 at the abandoned Idaho Youth Ranch building on Main Ave in Twin Falls, Idaho. Along with live interviews, this event also featured a question and answer session after each respective interview for those participating in-person and for those participating through the live-stream of the event.


Part One

In this discussion with award-winning environmental journalist Dahr Jamail, we begin by addressing the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I ask Dahr unpack the data and projections regarding anthropogenic climate change presented in the report, with Dahr noting that the report excludes much of the more recent and varied data regarding the non-linear, exponential change inherent in abrupt climate disruption as a result of human industrial activity over the past several centuries. The direct implication inherent in the information Dahr presents in his work regarding the global climate crisis points to the very likely inability for the human species to adapt to the rapid change relating to abrupt climate disruption, in great part due to the growing inability to grow food at scale, wide-spread conflict and resource depletion, catastrophic weather change and dramatic sea-level rise inundating coastal cities, as well as other wide-spread changes relating to abrupt climate disruption.

How can we begin to grapple with implications of this information? In the face of the likely near-term extinction of the human species, what meaningful actions can we engage in this time we find ourselves in? We discuss this and more in the episode.

Dahr Jamail is an award-winning journalist who regularly reports on climate disruption and environmental issues for the online publication Truthout. Prior to his work reporting on environmental issues, Dahr was one of only a few unembedded journalists to report extensively from Iraq during the US led invasion in 2003. Dahr is the author of multiple books, including the upcoming book ‘The End Of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption,’ set for release January 2019.

Learn more about Dahr and his upcoming book ‘The End of Ice’ at his website:

Dahr writes regularly for Truthout:

Part Two

In this discussion with gonzo journalist, conjurer, and political theorist Dr. Bones, we begin by discussing right-wing media personality Alex Jones and his mention of Dr. Bones and ‘The Guillotine’ podcast on InfoWars, in which Jones quotes a tweet sent out by Bones regarding militant leftist organizing in the face of rising far right violence within the United States. We discuss the recent uptick of far right violence over the past several weeks, including the assault of antifascist protesters by the Proud Boys, a far right gang founded by Gavin McInnis, following an event featuring a talk by McInnis at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New Yorks City. We also touch on other examples of right-wing violence, including the string of pipe bombs sent by the “MAGAbomber,” the recent mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, as well as the recent election of far right political candidate Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

Continuing with the theme of this event, we fit the global rise of far right violence within the larger ecological crisis currently underway on our planet. What role can mutual aid and militant organizing play in adapting to the rapidly disintegrating life systems of the planet, in particular as societies around the globe move toward more regressive, oppressive, and violent political ideologies and organizations in the face of these massive changes currently underway? We get into this subject, and more, in this episode.

Dr. Bones is a gonzo journalist, political theorist, and conjurer who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. Bones is the author of ‘Curse Your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World,’ the co-host of the The Guillotine podcast, and regularly writes for Gods & Radicals Press — a site of beautiful resistance.

Learn more about Dr. Bones and his work at his website:

Dr. Bones writes regularly for Gods & Radicals Press:

Dr. Bones is the co-host of The Guillotine podcast. Listen and subscribe:


This event was recorded and co-organized by Jordan Thornquest.

Videography and video editing by Chase Chandler.

Special thanks to Arnel Culum for covering this event for his video blog Hey Arnel in a video titled A New Earth Is Coming


'Last Born In the Wilderness' hosts its first live podcast in Twin Falls | Bowen West

Patrick Farnsworth does a dry run before taking his 'Last Born in the Wilderness' podcast live Wednesday evening, Oct. 24, 2018, at the former Idaho Youth Ranch store located in downtown Twin Falls.  DREW NASH, TIMES-NEWS

Patrick Farnsworth does a dry run before taking his 'Last Born in the Wilderness' podcast live Wednesday evening, Oct. 24, 2018, at the former Idaho Youth Ranch store located in downtown Twin Falls.



TWIN FALLS — The topics vary, but the message stays the same: the world is in danger.

The Twin Falls-based podcast “Last Born In the Wilderness” often delves into complex issues, including conservation in the age of climate change, the danger of a Hobbesian worldview, innovative beekeeping and how it can help the environment, dealing with fascism today, and how psychedelics and philosophy go hand in hand.

At this point, the only surprising thing about “Last Born In the Wilderness” is its capacity to surprise. Each episode tackles something new and wildly different, always chasing after the brave unknown. Always trying to find a new frontier, host Patrick Farnsworth is trying his hand at something strange — his first live podcast.

Farnsworth, a 29-year-old Magic Valley native, launched “Last Born In the Wilderness” six years ago, but around two years ago he started to take it more seriously. Now, he produces one episode — ranging from 30 minutes to two hours — nearly every week. Each episode features a new guest on a new topic: scientists, university professors, activists and philosophers from all over the world who are experts in their field.

We’re in such a unique period right now,” Farnsworth said. “We are in unprecedented territory. I want to get the conversation going.”

Farnsworth wants to start the conversation in his hometown of Twin Falls.

“I’m ready to get my community involved in these conversations,” Farnsworth said. “This isn’t meant to be pessimistic.”


Farnsworth is standing outside of the Idaho Youth Ranch on Main Avenue South; he has to find the right spot for his computer to connect to the Wi-Fi. It’s starting to get cold outside.

Inside, his friend Jordan Thornquest is on another laptop making sure that the live stream on YouTube works. It’s just as cold in the building without air conditioning.

The two are talking to each other through their screens.

While pacing back and forth, Farnsworth starts making popping sounds with his mouth, just waiting to see if they’ve figured it out.

“Hey, look at that. We are live,” Thornquest said.

The idea for a live podcast came from Thornquest, a local musician who tries to increase the amount of entertainment in Twin Falls. It took Farnsworth participating in his TEDx Talk earlier this year to realize that, despite the anxiety, he enjoys the energy that comes from having an audience.

“Last Born In the Wilderness” garners around 300 to 400 listeners for each episode; the occasional episode will reach around 1,000 listeners. It’s not a huge fan base, but it is a loyal one, Farnsworth said.

When it comes to podcasting, Farnsworth is self-taught and has learned about audio recording and interviewing through his own experiences. This live podcast is no different, everything is being figured out only a couple of days ahead of time.

There is a guerrilla-style podcasting here that can only exist in the first attempt at something. The venue is an abandoned building. The Wi-Fi connection is shoddy. The projector is a little blurry. But all of this gets the job done. It’s Farnsworth’s style to learn as he goes.

“I can’t screw it up,” Farnsworth said. “It has to work.”


The live event starts at 6 p.m. Oct. 28 at the former Idaho Youth Ranch. Farnsworth will interview award-winning environmental journalist Dahr Jamail and gonzo journalist Dr. Bones. Jamail will cover the abrupt climate disruption and the change that comes with it. Bones will discuss what individuals can do to take control in this future of change.

“This isn’t easy stuff to talk about. It’s difficult to comprehend,” Farnsworth said. “I want to talk about what this crisis is asking of us.”

In 2003 Jamail was an independent journalist in Iraq. In 2010 when the BP oil disaster took place he transitioned into environmental journalism. By 2011 he was writing about climate disruption.

People are ill-equipped for the reality of what climate change is capable of, Jamail said. When he publishes his climate dispatches he said that they are often seen as an outlier or radical, but he just reports on the most recent scientific studies and reports.

“It is grim. I don’t try to inspire hope, as I feel that is disingenuous and needless to say, dishonest. It’s not a question of being hopeful or hopeless. It’s about accepting the reality that we are in the sixth mass extinction event and living accordingly,” Jamail said. “These times call for us to get very, very honest about what is really important. To me, this means living as mindfully as possible, and walking as gently upon the Earth as I know how.”

The other guest, Dr. Bones, is a Florida-based gonzo journalist who has recurring themes on the destruction of land and the rise of political street gangs. He practices hoodoo and is open about his egoist philosophies.

“I started writing publically two or three years ago,” Bones said. “I wanted to be a horror writer but I realized the true horror stories of today could be found through journalism.”

Bones wears his views openly on his sleeve — or in this case, his face. He wears a red bandana mask with a yellow hammer and sickle and dark sunglasses.

“I’m not here to build a revolution,” Bones said. “I’m not shooting for a goal. I just want to keep people alive.”

Despite the differences between the guests, Farnsworth chose them as back to back guests to continue the conversation.

“I see the reason why I chose these guests, it makes sense to me,” Farnsworth said. “But we’ll see what the audience thinks.”

Farnsworth distributes his podcast via a handful of platforms, including SoundCloudiTunesYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram and his own website,

This article was originally posted on the Magic Valley Times News website.


My Intentions with “Another End Of The World Is Possible” Live Podcast

A New Earth Is Coming | Hey Arnel

Promotional Video: This live event will feature interviews with award-winning environmental journalist Dahr Jamail and gonzo journalist, conjurer, and Egoist-Communist Dr. Bones. After each respective interview, there will be a question and answer session for those attending in-person, as well as for those participating through the livestream of the event.

Arnel Culum made an excellent video for his vlog Hey Arnel -- documenting the "Another End Of The World Is Possible" live podcast featuring live interviews with award-winning environmental journalist Dahr Jamail and gonzo journalist, conjurer, and political theorist Dr. Bones. The event was filmed in front of a live audience at the old Idaho Youth Ranch building in Twin Falls, ID, and was live-streamed on YouTube Live on October 28th, 2018.

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