The Unists Podcast | Ep. 01 | Left vs Right on Science & Race


Welcome to the very first episode of The Unists Podcast! Ep. 01 ○ Left vs Right on Science & Race, ft. Last Born in the Wilderness (Patrick Farnsworth)

Watch the LBITW excerpt referred to throughout this episode here:

○Unism is socio-political movement dedicated to actualizing Total Individual & Global Peace: Individual Peace by empowering you to determine then achieve your Purpose (one of both personal & communal significance); Global Peace through global unification under the twin principles of Agape Love & the "Golden Rule," and by rejecting the ancient hatreds, political divisions, and cultural distractions meant to perpetrate subservience & subjugation.

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One of the main goals of our Podcast is to bring together seemingly disparate voices, ideas, and personalities who have been segregated (by choice or stigma) by the oppressive and repressive conception of the Left-Right political spectrum and divide: a pervasive and insidious division which has long been entirely misrepresentative of reality, society and progress. Both sides mean well, both have strengths, but their weaknesses & corruptions far overshadow them. This is true not only of the two largest U.S. pol. parties, but of their alleged political abstractions as well.