#99 | Unproductive Conversations: Pillow Talk (Under The Identity, Our True Role)

After a sharing a delicious dinner, my good friend Robby Fox and I sat down and shared a conversation that covered a whole variety of topics, including (but not limited to): manhood, initiation rites, visionary experiences, embodying our roles in life, abrupt climate change, the modern education system,  Robby's experiences in China, identity, connections that bind us together, being a foreigner in a strange land, and friendship.

The overarching theme of our conversation is that identity is a construct, and that beyond our identities exists the true roles we are meant to embody. I thank Robby for sharing his beautiful thoughts with me, and I thank him and his wife Emma for being so generous and kind to me. 

This episode is apart of my "Unproductive Conversations" series, a label that is intended to give you the idea that this episode is a free-form conversation in regards to its focus and structure. 

Episode Notes:

- The songs featured in this episode are "Mash" and "Stepson of the Clapper" by J Dilla from the album Donuts.