#98 | Radical Mycology: The Radical Potential Of Fungi w/ Peter McCoy

Peter McCoy is the founder of Radical Mycology, a nonprofit grassroots organization that engages in wide and varied methods (from organizing events and workshops and producing media content) to educate and actively demonstrate the vast potential fungi has in the fields of nutrition, waste disposal, medicine, food production, and water treatment, to just to name a few. 

The stated goals of Radical Mycology is:

- To build an ecologically-conscious, solutions-oriented, and non-discriminatory grassroots movement of applied mycology practitioners.

- To increase fungal diversity, water quality, and soil health in disturbed habitats through the dissemination of applied mycological skills that utilized the most appropriate and place-based technologies.

This conversation covers these topics and gets into Peter’s motivations and personal journey with fungi, as well as his passion to connect with others that have similar interests and spread the knowledge and fungi’s practical application to the greater public. 

Episode Notes:

- Learn more about Radical Mycology, find out more about upcoming workshops and events, and access this organization’s resources here: https://radicalmycology.com/

- Get involved with the world's first online mycology school Mycologos here: https://www.mycologos.world

- Learn more about and purchase Peter’s book “Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing & Working With Fungi” here: http://www.chthaeus.com/Radical-Mycology-by-Peter-McCoy-p/b-rmp.htm

- The songs featured in this episode: “Todaitsyew” and “Ashoka” by Knxwledge from the album Buttrscotch.