#111 | The Feed: Identity, Reduction, Liberation, Revolution w/ Rhyd Wildermuth

In this episode, Rhyd Wildermuth and I discuss some of the ideas presented Rhyd's recent essay "A New Luddite Rebellion." Rhyd expounds on the role social media has played on our ability to discuss complex and nuanced ideas, as well as the role identity politics has played in the Left's (in)ability to effectively organize against capitalism and produce tangible alternatives to the dominant organizing ideology of our time. We also discuss traveling, the culture shock that comes when you travel back to the United States, as well as an upcoming online course, led by Rhyd, on "a pagan introduction to Marxism."

Rhyd Wildermuth is the co-founder and managing editor of the pagan anti-capitalist online publication Gods & Radicals - "a site of beautiful resistance." 

Episode Notes: 

- Learn more and sign up for Gods & Radicals introductory course on Marxism "All That Is Sacred Is Profaned," led by Rhyd Wildermuth, here: https://bit.ly/2EvLCYr

- Rhyd's most recent essay on Gods & Radicals "A New Luddite Rebellion":  https://bit.ly/2qfcO9Q

- An archive of Rhyd's essays published on Gods & Radicals: https://bit.ly/2GMmVJz

- Paganarch, Rhyd's personal blog: https://paganarch.com/blog

- The music featured in this episode: "Hot Bat" and "Banana Ghost" by Man Man from the album Six Demon Bag.