#84 | Unproductive Conversations: Between Friends

My guest for this episode is a long time friend. We discuss podcasting, how to deal with the "normalization" of the rhetoric and actions of the Alt-Right, nonviolence versus more direct and potentially violent confrontations with racists, the short-term and long-term effect the internet and technology is having on the development of human beings and society, cultural relativism, the service industry and the economy post-WWII, the decline of the Empire, and getting through your twenties. 

When I first started this podcast, I would often rely on my close friends to converse with when it came to discussing the various subjects and issues I believed to be worthy of exploring on this medium. Lately, I been fortunate to be able to contact and interview people from a wide range of interests and fields of research, but I miss having close conversations with people I know well and love. There is nothing like having a conversation with best friend.