#52 | Hey Arnel: Vlogging, Podcasting and Overcoming the Grind

Arnel Culum is a video blogger (vlogger) and creator of the Youtube channel "Hey Arnel" featuring his many adventures, as well as interviews with local business owners and entrepreneurs in Southern Idaho. We had an engaging conversation about what motivates us to do what we do as content creators, and how we do it. 

Episode Notes:

-Arnel made a stellar video featuring the recording of this episode: https://youtu.be/1VVZVLPZPqI

-Arnel's info:
*Hey Arnel: youtube.com/channel/UCQcP8s4oEG4YjNmhOYy0ciA
*Facebook page: facebook.com/Hey-Arnel-344083105731296/
*Website: http://cgwhat.com/

-Intro: "Minus" by Paul White

-Outro: "Work Song" by Romare