#97 | Our Lives Are Not Our Own: Pimping Cannabis, Savage Florida, & Applied Egoism w/ Dr Bones

Dr Bones is a conjurer, Egoist-Communist, political theorist, and gonzo journalist. 

This conversation touches on some themes brought up in his most recent piece "New Years Day," a striking essay on the surreal quality of the time we all live in. Our conversation leads into our thoughts on the legalization of cannabis in parts of the US and the push back against it under the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as an overview of 19th century Anarchist political theorist Max Stirner's writings and ideas and what Egoism looks like in practice. Bones then touches on the experience of living in Florida and the Deep South as a working-class Egoist-Communist, and the difficulties that come with that.

This discussion covers a wide variety of topics, and I thank Dr Bones for his engaging and necessary work, and for illuminating me on these subjects

Episode Notes:

- You can find all you need to know about Dr Bones on his website: https://theconjurehouse.com

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- Follow Dr Bones on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ole_bonsey

- Pick up Dr Bones' book "Curse Your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World" here: https://abeautifulresistance.org/shop-1/curseyourboss

- The song featured in this episode is "St James Infirmary Blues" by Cab Calloway from the 1933 "Snow White" episode of Betty Boop. Watch and listen here: https://youtu.be/wlLHZruDCAA