#91 | Unproductive Conversations: It's The Economy, Stupid

In this episode, I have an off-the-cuff conversation with Daniel Hill. Daniel is a school teacher and friend, an individual I've known most of my life. After engaging in some online conversations/debates, we decided to meet up and have a conversation that ultimately covered a wide array of topics, including but not limited to North Korea, the "Alt-Right," America and immigration, social media, and our ideas regarding corporatism, capitalism, socialism, and anarchism.  

This episode is apart of my "Unproductive Conversations" series, a label that is intended to give you the idea that this episode is a free-form conversation in regards to its focus and structure. 

Episode Notes:

- It's worth thanking Elly Loman, our former History and English teacher during our time in middle and high school. Elly was a wonderful and engaging teacher, and loves to start discussions on social media in a very thoughtful and meaningful way. This was what caused Dan and I to reconnect and record this podcast episode.

- The song featured in this episode is "Structure No. 3" by BADBADNOTGOOD from the album "IV."