#75 | Rhyd Wildermuth: Leaving America, Reclaiming Paganism, & Facing Collapse

Rhyd Wildermuth, our guest for this episode, is co-founder and managing editor of Gods&Radicals, which describes itself as a 'nonprofit Pagan Anti-Capitalist' publication. Rhyd identifies as a  Pagan and an anarchist, and as we go over in this episode, those are not mutually exclusive terms. 

In this conversation, Rhyd gives a very good description as to why Paganism, in the Americanized sense, has lost touch with it's radical anti-capitalist roots, and through his work and writings, Rhyd is attempting to provide a much needed reinterpretation of what it means to be Pagan in these tumultuous, crisis-laden  times. 

Rhyd left America behind to spend his remaining days in Europe, where he currently resides. We discuss his expatriation, the recent events in Charlottesville and its fallout, and how anarchists and anti-capitalists of all stripes and creeds have work to do preparing and adapting to the accelerating collapse of capitalism and the American Empire.

Episode Notes:

- You can find Rhyd's essays and get in touch with him through GodandRadicals.org as well as on his blog paganarch.com.

- The opening track accompanying the introduction was performed by my friend Nick Archibald, and the closing track to this episode is "Tiny Tortures" by Flying Lotus from the album Until The Quiet Comes.