#71 | Derrick Jensen: The Myth Of Human Supremacy

In this episode, I speak with Derrick Jensen, radical environmental philosopher and author.  We discuss the underlying themes and message of his most recently published book "The Myth of Human Supremacy."

We discuss the logic of human supremacy and the very real and tangible intelligence and sentience of nonhuman life. We discuss how human beings have used their intelligence to rationalize the false assumption, produced by our culture, that we, the human species, are somehow superior to all other life on this planet, and that because we uncritically assume this, we allow the continued exploitation and rape of our shared living planet to continue unabated.

How long until we snap out of the delusional state of being our culture produces? We discuss this and much more.

Episode Notes:

- Check out Derrick's website: www.derrickjensen.org

- Listen to Derrick's radio show Deep Green Resistance: https://www.youtube.com/user/DeepGreenResistance

- This episode features "It Was Whatever" and "Parties" by Shlohmo.