#62 | Aerial Ambitions: Mykelle Walton Vs The World

This episode features a conversation with Mykelle Walton, Aerialist. 

Mykelle's main focus the past few years has been to perfect the craft and art of the Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra. We discuss the progress she has made in achieving her goals, her invitation to compete in two major competitions (Circus Star USA and Reno Aerial Fest), the difficulty of pursuing our passions despite the circumstances, and overcoming and channeling our obsession/passions into something fruitful. 

Episode Notes:

Mykelle was recently featured in an episode of "Hey Arnel", a video blog created by Arnel Culum. I featured Arnel in episode 52 of this podcast. Check out Mykelle in action: https://youtu.be/z2W6HY_QTRw


*Featured segments of "Dumbo" produced by Walt Disney. 
*Featured the song "Lucia Libre Extravaganza" by Beats Antique.