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These aren’t good.

There are a few gems here — but not many. Poor audio quality, unfocused conversations, little to no description, bad editing — you get the idea. Nonetheless, in the sake of providing a complete catalogue, here they are:

Episodes 1-49


Episode #1 | Introduction

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Episode #5 | Misanthropic Horticulturist

Episode #6 | Poor Man's Sensory Deprivation

Episode #7 | Crimea and Pentagrams

Episode #8 | Choose Your Role Models Wisely, Kids!

Episode #9 | The Incubus Sitting On My Chest

This podcast contains an audio recording of a conversation I had with a close friend of mine, about three years ago, in which I discuss an experience I had with sleep paralysis.  The experience that I had, in this instance, was very profound and disturbing….  Many people have had the unpleasant and frightening experience of waking up from sleep and are unable to move or speak.  This time, for me, was much more than that.  It was a profound, I shall say, spiritual experience for me.  

Sleep Paralysis '…is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience a sense of inability to move, similar to when an arm or leg goes to sleep, but not associated with numbness. More formally, it is a transition state between wakefulness and rest characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It can occur at sleep onset or when awakening. It is believed a result of disrupted REM sleep, which is normally characterized by complete muscle atonia that prevents individuals from acting out their dreams.'


'Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis. When it occurs upon awakening, the person becomes aware before the REM cycle is complete, and it is called hypnopompic or postdormital. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes, with some rare cases being hours, “by which the individual may experience panic symptoms”. As the correlation with REM sleep suggests, the paralysis is not entirely complete; use of EOG traces shows that eye movement is still possible during such episodes, however, the individual experiencing sleep paralysis is unable to speak.'


Episode #10 | Egalitarian Tendencies

Episode #11 | The Birth Pangs

Episode #12 | Tracker of Truth, Rest in Peace (also, a lesson on drinking and driving)

Episode #13 | The Convergence Of Crises

Episode #14 | The Illness of Elliot Roger

Episode #15 | I Love Tobacco, Don't You Too?

Episode #16 | Summer 2014 Psilocybin Adventure Into The Subconscious

Episode #17 | The Crisis in Gaza; Ebola Makes You Bleed

Episode #18 | Treating Children With Dignity (A review of Linklater's 'Boyhood')

Episode #19 | The Cafe at the End of the World

Episode #20 | Death (Singularity or Nightfall?)

Episode #21 | #GamerGate; #Anti-GamerGate; The Meaning

Episode #22 | The Perpetual System of Violence

Episode #23 | The Conflicting Grand Narratives (The Death of Mike Brown)

Episode #24 | "the thin layer of living flesh stretched over the iron machinery"

Episode #25| America's Own "Nation's Pride" (a review of American Sniper/Zero Dark Thirty)

Episode #26 | Porn Culture: A Conversation on Sexuality and Sexualization

Image: Venus of Willendorf 

Intro/Outro: “vintage chillbeat anno 2010 and deconstruction” (by deef)

Episode #27 | Is There Such A Thing As An "Evil Person"? (50 Shades of Morality)

Into: “vintage chillbeat anno 2010 and deconstruction” (by deef)
Outro: “(untitled)” (by Shadow Priest)
Ending Exerpt: "Gilbert Gottfried Reads 50 Shades of Grey" by College Humor

Episode #28 | On Climate Change: Initiation

Intro: “vintage chillbeat anno 2010 and deconstruction” (by deef)
Outro: “(untitled)” (by Shadow Priest)

Episode #29 | The Drug War Is Over (If You Want It)

Intro: "Chasing Apples" by Flying Lotus

Reference Articles: 

"The beginning of the end of the War on Drugs" by Ryan Cooper Source:

"Dying To Be Free" by Jason Cherkis


Episode #30 | Wrestling With God (Religious Trauma, Dissociation, And The Desire To Be Whole)

Intro: "He Won't Pay Me (Feat. Vijay Iyer)" by Lord RAJA

Episode #31 | Aerial Silks: The Circus Arts, Horrible Horrible Las Vegas & Spectacle vs Competition

A conversation with Mykelle Walton on being an aerialist, practicing the art of Aerial Silks.  

Mykelle's FB page Aerial Elle:

A fantastic video of Mykelle performing:


Intro: "Lock Your Doors (Instrumental)" by Death Grips
Outro: “(untitled)” by Shadow Priest

Episode #32 | We Are All Whores (For Capital): Work; Being Alone In A Crowd; Striving For Connection

Episode #33 | The Space Between Stories


"Necromancer" by Zach Hill

"Waves On The Shores Of Byblos, Lebanon, 30/06/2015" by Woodcraft Productions

Episode #34 | CO-OP CONQUEST! : NegaNerd and PoeBoy Discuss Videogame Nostalgia and Culture

Check out CO-OP CONQUEST on Youtube!  Subcribe and enjoy here:

Outro: "Get Your Swag On" by Kam Hesari 

Episode #35 | The Real High Up High (BASE Jumping and the Art of Running Barefoot)

Photo by Kontizas Dimitrios

Episode #36 | Instilling Doubt: Climate Change Denialists Be Damned

Outro: "The Gun" by Lorn

Episode #37 | PRO CREEPS: Performing TEDxTwinFalls and Contemporary Popular Music

Intro: "I Think I May Have Over Complicated My Life" by Pro Creeps

Outro: "I Trusted You" by Pro Creeps

Pro Creeps Soundcloud:

Episode #38 | Revitalizing Cultural Dead Zones: A Conversation w/ Jordan Thornquest

Outro: "Someday" (Demo) [The Strokes Cover] by Jordan Thornquest

Follow on Soundcloud:
Thornquest Studios Site:

Episode #39 | Juvenile Angst and Election Year Woes

Episode #40 | Cannabis Culture Goes Mainstream; The Space Between Stories

Intro/Outro: "Solo (Daedelus' Pacific Adrift" - Daedelus

Episode #41 | A Future A Little Out Of Focus

Intro/Outro:     "La Bush Resistance (feat. Tomer Yosef)" - Balkan Beat Box

Episode #42 | The End Is Nigh: A Conversation On Voting And Crisis

This podcast features a conversation with Perri Gardner, instructor of Political Science at College of Southern Idaho. View her TEDxTwinFalls talk "The Participation Problem: Solutions to Increase Voter Participation";

Intro Song: "Jurassic Notion/M Theory" by Flying Lotus, featuring audio clips from Trump rallies, the second and third 2016 presidential debates, and SNL. 

Outro: Taken from the RNC 2016

Episode #43 | The Social Media Echo Chamber; Post-Election Analysis; The Overview Effect

Intro: "Nite Eats Day (Instrumental" by Dabrye
Outro: "Trilla G" by Jonwayne

Featured article "I’m Arab and Many of Us Are Glad That Trump Won" by Omar Kamel on Medium:

Episode #44 | Orange Hair Don't Care

A very disjointed, tangential conversation spanning such topics as obsessive compulsive habits, the election, juvenile homoerotic behavior, and the struggle to find meaningful work.

Song credits:
"Human Om" by Tobacco
"Peter Pan" by Jonwayne
"Shalom Alechem" by The Alchemist
"Sound Check (Gravity)" by Gorillaz
"Get Hi (feat. B Real)" by Danny Brown

Episode #45 | Unpacking The Election; The Next Four Years

What happened? Where do we go from here? And what can we expect from Trump's cabinet picks so far? Perri Garner returns for a post-election discussion to discuss these topics and more in episode #45.

Intro: "Ours" by Actress
Outro: "While You Doooo" by Teebs

Episode #46 | Drunk Christmas Party Conversations At The End Of The World

This one is short, but heavy. This episode features a segment from a recent interview with Guy McPherson, an American scientist and professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, during a recent speaking tour in New Zealand, and moves on to a recent conversation with my partner about the ethics of raising a child during the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Link to Guy McPherson Interview:

Intro: "Palm Trees (Instrumental)"  by Flatbush Zombies
Outro: "Daydreaming" by Radiohead

Episode #47 | Lunch Break: Fringe Music And Mainstream Appropriation

JQuest and I have a conversation over lunch about the trends in modern music and the pros and cons of the mainstream incorporating sounds from the fringes into the hits of mass consumption.

Feat. an exerpt from "Work (REMIX)" by ASAP Ferg

Episode #48 | A Clouded Present; An Insurmountable Task

The cracks are showing, and they are only getting wider. 

Intro: "The $ (Instrumental)" by J Dilla
Outro: "System Blower" by Death Grips

Episode #49 | The Future Is Human: A Conversation With TEDxTwinFalls Co-Organizers And Speaker

In this podcast, I have a conversation with the co-organizers of TEDxTwinFalls Mykelle Walton (Head of Creativity)and Jennifer Thornquest (Head of Ideas), as well as speaker Danielle Billing at the upcoming event on February 18th. Purchase tickets and get more information about "The Future Is Human" on and on the TEDxTwinFalls Facebook page.

*Features "Woman Is A Word" by Empress Of